Six Tips For Starting A Meditation Program At Your Company

Josh Leider
CMO, MeditationWorks

March 16th, 2019

“It has been the single most important reason for my success,” says Ray Dalio, Founder of Bridgewater Associates, one of the largest hedge funds in the world. His “key” to success is something many would not expect.

Doing nothing? Yes the billionaire says. Meditation has been a distinct driver of his great achievements. And there are countless success stories just like his, which is why meditation is quickly becoming an offering companies provide their employees. So they can stay competitive. And it makes sense. What do you think happens when you have a company full of people as focused, productive and driven as Ray Dalio? People are happier and your company is more succesful.

You’re probably reading this because you’re interested in adding meditation to your company’s wellness efforts, but you’re not sure where to start….don’t worry, we got you covered!

Below are six key tips for starting a meditation program at your workplace.

1) Find an established program

Let’s say, for example, you wanted everyone at your company to learn physics. You wouldn’t just find the first teacher you could who had the credentials to teach physics. You’d find someone who has a proven track record of teaching physics WELL. The same goes for meditation. Find a meditation company or guide who has a resume full of proven results. They should be able to send you meditator testimonials and the results they’ve been able to provide other companies/individuals.

2) Consistency is key

Just like going to the gym in order to get fit, you won’t see results going once or twice a month. However, if you go at least once a week you’ll start to experience changes. The same goes for meditation. If you are looking to provide your team members real benefit from your meditation program, it should be offered at least once a week to provide them significant results.

3) Quick 8-10 minute sessions

Let’s be real. Very few individuals are willing to take 30-45 minutes out of their work day to do anything, let alone meditate…not that it’s healthy, but it is what it is. Brief sessions are key. 8-10 minutes is the scientific sweet spot for meditation, and short enough to be doable within the work day.

4) Beware of stigmas

Choose a meditation company/guide who provides a modern, honest program, and make sure your email communications to your team members are to the point and real. When you email everyone to announce the program, think about why you are providing it. Tell them that you understand work and life are really stressful and jam packed right now, and that’s why you are highly recommending they take a break for themselves each week to do absolutely nothing and meditate. Let them know it is just a focused breathing exercise proven to improve your mood and make you more successful at work.

5) Let team members know you WANT them to participate 

Even at companies with fun, easy going cultures, people are scared to leave their desk. They think If I’m gone from my desk for more than five minutes, my manager is going to think I’m slacking. Make sure they know that is not the case or people will, in fact, not leave their desk to take advantage of the program you are providing. Tell them how beneficial it’ll be if they participate and encourage them to do so.

6) Leadership MUST participate

This last point is key. From Founders to Execs to Team Managers, leadership must participate. If leadership participates, more people will feel comfortable and excited to attend. It also helps build a flatter culture where people feel connected to and confident in their leadership.

An Easy Way To Start

An easy way to implement meditation at your office today is to contact MeditationWorks.

Our program is built based on all of the points above and the results we’ve been able to provide companies are pretty stellar. And the best part, our program is very cost effective…sometimes cents/person/mo cost effective.

Don’t let stress manage your people. Teach your people to manage stress!


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