Live Streaming Workplace Meditation

A scientifically-backed, high-quality meditation program for your whole company

Josh Leider
CMO, MeditationWorks

January 17th, 2019

We are extremely excited to announce something brand new at MeditationWorks.

We spent 2018 with our ears perked up, listening attentively to our meditators and the companies we work with. Our team sifted through endless survey results, feedback emails, and had a handful of one-on-one conversations to better understand what our meditators enjoy or would like to improve at MeditationWorks. We discovered one major pain point companies were experiencing with our meditation program – it could only be accessed by individuals at a single location. Most of the companies we work with have team members all over the country…scratch that…all over the world.

What did we do? Obviously, we meditated on it. Then, we went back to the drawing board and figured out a solution.

Brand new in 2019, we are providing Live Streaming Workplace Meditations. Companies can book these meditations weekly for their team members – no matter where they are!

This platform provides the exact same high quality, relaxing, 10-minute meditations that you can experience in our mobile studios or your office’s conference room. These streaming videos can be joined from anywhere, like a meditation webinar. One of our trained meditation Guides will stream live over video to provide your entire team with a personalized and effective meditation experience at work, including weekly mindfulness tips and Q&A afterward.

What is it like?

Imagine this: you’ve booked a MeditationWorks live streaming session for your company on Wednesdays at 1:00 PM. Every Wednesday, people across all sectors and locations (and time zones!) of your company tune in to participate, together. Team members can choose to gather in a conference room to meditate as a group, meditate privately at their desk, from the comfort of their couch if they work from home, or anywhere they have access to internet. At 1:00 PM, our Guide appears over live stream to lead your team through a brief yet powerful meditation. Fast forward 10 minutes, they are back to work feeling rejuvenated, refocused and much more capable of tackling any crazy $&!% that comes their way. If they happened to miss the live meditation, no worries! Everyone is sent a recording of the session via email after it takes place so everyone can meditate at any time that is convenient for them.

What’s the best part? It’s the most cost-effective corporate mediation program out there.

Is it expensive?

Nope. On the contrary. It’s very inexpensive. Our main goal at MeditationWorks is to have as many people meditating as possible. With live streaming, we can offer this science-proven, mental exercise to your entire team, no matter where they are, for a fraction of the cost of in-person sessions. Prices start as low as $50 total per week to give hundreds of your employees access. What is $50 divided 250 team members….a pretty small price tag.

Why offer live meditation?

Last year I wrote an article that discussed why so many Michigan companies were adding meditation to their wellness efforts. You should give it a read. Bottom line: meditation works for individuals. As a corporate wellness tool, it works really, really well. Pre and post test surveys show that our meditators experience significant improvement in some very important qualities, such as: focus, patience, productivity, sleep habits, time management, emotional control and overall satisfaction and success. Aetna reportedly saw employees gain 62 more minutes per week in productivity (an estimated $3,000/employees per year) after implementing meditation with their staff. They also found their health care claims decreased by 7%, or $9 million. Considering this new live platform is easily accessible to countless individuals, we have zero doubts in providing powerful results for you and your team.

Want to book live video meditations for your company?

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Cheers to a mindful 2019!

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Try MeditationWorks Live For Free!

We’d be happy to schedule a trial session with you and/or your team to give a demo of the live streaming workplace meditations. Just fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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Want meditation at your organization?

Want meditation at your organization?