How Meditation Is Fixing Relationships

Having problems with bae? Meditation may be the remedy.

Josh Leider
Chief Marketing Officer

September 18th, 2018

It’s no secret anymore. Meditation is really REALLY good for us. But what you may not know is that it’s also really really good for your significant other.

Here are a few examples of how meditation is helping the relationships of our MeditationWorks meditators:

“I finally get this whole meditation thing. It literally saved my day a few weeks ago. My girlfriend once again left me fuming as I got in my car for work. She had taken my car the night before to go to IKEA and left me on empty without telling me. I had a huge meeting that morning and now I was going to be late because I’d have to stop for gas.

So ridiculously pissed, I picked up my phone as I drove away to dig into her, but then I remembered the three breath practice I had learned with MeditationWorks. I threw the phone down and took three breaths. First breath: How did my mind feel? I was furious. I just wanted to yell at her. Second breath: How did my body feel? Like I was in an uncontrollable rage. I could feel it buzzing. Third breath: What was my priority in that moment? Getting to work calm and on time so I could have a great day. To my amazement, I did not call her. I calmed down, got gas, and made it to work right on time.

All day at work I realized that if I had I called her, I would have been dealing with crying, blame, and a whole bunch of angry texts, calls, and emails. But instead I freed myself from a stressful day!

When I got home and saw her I wasn’t as mad anymore. I just said, “You know, I was really upset when in got my car this morning and saw there was no gas.” She looked so shocked and said, “Oh my God I didn’t even think about that! I’m really sorry!”

I couldn’t believe how differently she responded to me. Normally she would’ve started yelling back at me, crying and somehow blaming me for the fact that she did something wrong. So that little choice of not calling her saved her and me a full day of conflict and drama.”

Another short story:

“I’m a very short-tempered type of person. VERY short-tempered. So, for the third time in the last seven days, my dog chewed something up in my house. The first time was an entire can of Pringles that he got off of my kitchen counter, the second time was a plastic tumbler cup, and the most recent time was a plastic container that he again pulled off of my kitchen counter. I was livid. I started to explain the situation to my girlfriend and I was getting fired up just talking about it. I almost started screaming. Typically, I would have subconsciously unleashed some of this anger on my girlfriend throughout the day. But instead, I stopped what I was saying, took a long and deep breath, and then continued to say, “We have to find a solution for him, whether it’s getting him more exercise, or whatever, we need to do something.” My girlfriend literally stopped what she was doing and just looked at me and said, “Are you okay? You just did like the woosa thing like they did in Bad Boys.”

Needless to say, I’m not the only one who knows I’m short-tempered. So when I actually took a deep breath to stop freaking out, she was really taken aback. Until she’d said it, I hadn’t realized what I had done. Since meditating, it has become a natural reaction for me to stop, take a deep breath, and find a solution instead of freaking out like I usually did. This is one of the many times I’ve noticed meditation has helped me and it’s truly amazing.”

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