Outside of Work

with Scott Haber

Outside of Work

with Scott Haber

Weekly words on how to bring mindfulness into your day to day life.

Let It Go Or Let It Be?

A common saying pertaining to thoughts is: “let it go.” This saying comes off as action-based, implying necessary effort to rid ourselves, as if we….

Not Taking But Gaining Time

Taking an extra 5-20 minutes in a already packed day, can seem anything but relaxing. Thus, a lack of time is often cited as a common barrier for beginning a meditation practice…

Beyond Just Meditation

In meditation we learn the art of mindfulness – how to engage in the present moment by using our senses to interact with the world around us. We can think of practicing sitting…

Storms of Emotion

Throughout the day we feel a plethora of emotions. Regardless of the type, whether that be anger, sadness, or elation, it’s human nature to…

Don’t Mind The Mind

There is a big misconception regarding meditation: it’s often thought as turning off our minds and sitting in complete mental silence. Resultantly, many…

Crossing Bridges

Often we say, “I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.” But how many mental bridges do we attempt to cross, which we never actually arrive at?…

Mindfulness: Life’s Building Blocks

Meditation is a mental workout of sorts. It can enhance our concentration and expand our attention. It can sharpen our minds and clear our mental space. It can enable us to live with…

About Me & My Intentions Going Forward

My name is Scott Haber and I am a writer, meditator, yoga practitioner, nature lover, engineer and traveler. I hope I can encourage a more consistent meditation practice and offer my readers ways to apply mindfulness to their day-to-day life….

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