Real Client Stories

Real Client Stories

Since 2016 we’ve been helping individuals find more happiness and success in what they do. Here are a few stories of the people and companies we’ve helped.

MeditationWorks is seriously our #1 most attended outside program that we offer as part of our wellness initiative.

Allison Smith

Wellness Specialist, Magna

Your tip about taking a few mindful breaths before getting out of bed is a game changer. Where were you 25 years ago?


Broder & Sachse

I’m really enjoying just watching my kid play in a game without spending the entire time frustrated and uptight. I almost smile at the other parents going crazy in the stands now. It’s just easier to see how unnecessary all that is.

Rob Dancer


My FitBit sleep statistics have dramatically improved because I am able to fall asleep without pacing around the house…thank you for providing this wonderful time to practice meditation in a controlled environment. I’m finally sleeping like I deserve to be on a regular basis!

Amy Pender

Systems Administrator

MediationWorks helps with everything. I’m a little calmer, a little more patient, and a lot less aggravated. I have a terrible foot pain that my doctors have been working on, but after my first MW session I was so relaxed that the pain was almost unnoticeable.


Motor City Casino

After a really stressful morning at home, I decided to use my MeditationWorks breathing techniques on my way to work. Even with the usual heavy traffic, I walked through the doors with the same relaxed “buzz” I feel after my meditation sessions in the mobile unit. By my 930 break, I realized I got so much done! Plus I just felt great. Thank you for giving us a consistent place to meditate. I look forward to it every week.

Dawn Amico

LSG Insurance Partners

I never knew how good it could feel to leave my desk for 15 minutes to take care of myself. Since I’ve been meditating, I not only get more done than I used to, but I also make fewer mistakes. That’s the ultimate stress reduction for me! Honestly, the 15 minute break has given me hours back in my day.

Nate Segall

Director of Special Projects

Just yesterday someone said something to me that instantly made my blood boil. Before I had a chance to respond, my brain kicked in. I realized this wasn’t worth me being upset over and I took a couple breaths and kept my mouth shut. I walked away calm and happy.

Robin Redmer

Office Administrator

I’ve been using breath and focus for a long time. MeditationWorks really helps me stay calmer and more present.

Max Brown

Software Developer

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