The Best Job Ever

The Best Job Ever

Hello friend! If you are reading this, you are considering one of the most fulfilling, unique, self-improving, and fun jobs around…a position at MeditationWorks! We are a company that pride ourselves on happiness, healthiness, and personal development because…well…we are a mindfulness company!

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MeditationWorks Guide

Hello! Congratulations on considering one of the coolest jobs on earth…a Guide position at MeditationWorks!

If you haven’t heard of us yet, you may have seen our big orange and gray mobile studios driving down the road…we are a meditation studio on wheels! Learn more here:

Our Meditation Guides are full of energy and passion. They are on site in the mobile studio at companies helping facilitate the mindfulness practices of hundreds of meditators, new and experienced, young and old. They are kind, warm, and a comforting resource for our meditators as they take their first dive into more mindful and happy lives.

A typical day looks like:

  • Lead sessions alongside our recorded program created by Justin Barnes of Blue Yoga
  • Meet in the morning to plan out the day. Prep sessions, handouts, check weather forecast, etc.
  • Help design and improve our program with our Program Director and fellow guides
  • Set up inside of mobile studio before each session
  • Prepare first time meditators appropriately
  • Greet meditators with a smile and take attendance at sessions
  • Get to know our meditators individually and by name
  • Hitch/unhitch trailer (it’s super fun!) and assist with parking
  • Plan out the logistics of the day. Where are we going? What times?
  • Drive trailer to locations
  • Consider routes, where to park, back up parking spots, etc.
  • Facilitate a clean and inviting environment in and around the trailer
  • Help in team meetings to improve our company!

Things we are looking for:

  • A college degree. What it specifically is matters less to us than that fact that you’re a smart, dedicated individual. We are a team of many different backgrounds!
  • A working knowledge of Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Drive. This is how we communicate, stay organized, and keep the engine running!
  • A love for startup culture. We are a young and fast growing company, which means we have a very fun, open, and honest culture. We are small, tight knit, and love each other very much. Get ready to be part of the MW family!
  • A deep curiosity for mindfulness and meditation, and a desire to make the world a more mindful, healthy place. You should be eager to learn a lot about the topic as our guides are on site to answer any questions our meditators may have about their practice!
  • Outgoing and comfortable speaking in front of groups of people (aka being a guide!)
  • Energy and passion! We aren’t an app. We aren’t a Youtube video. We are on site, in person, facilitating mindfulness practices on a day to day basis. Our Guides are the face of our company and we pride ourselves on hiring people based on personality and passion!
  • An ability and willingness to learn to drive and maneuver a trailer.


  • Startup Culture: Fast paced, fun, and personal.
  • Laid Back Vacation Policy: Work/life balance is the foundation of our program as well as our company’s culture! Passionate and focused work allows our staff an open and adaptable time-off request policy.
  • Get Outdoors: Being confined indoors all day is stressful and unhealthy. Work with us and you get to be out and about traveling to new places and seeing new faces every day.
  • Free Mindfulness Training: Access to our whole program to use whenever you’d like, as well as plenty of time to practice engaging and effective meditation in our mobile unit!
  • Flexible Work Hours: Need a Monday off to take your dog to the vet? No problem! We try to work with everyone’s busy schedules.
  • Room For Growth: We are a young and booming company, and that means if you work hard and we succeed, you succeed too!

If you are interested in our Guide position, take a mindful breath or two, enjoy this moment, and then please send your resume and a few fun facts about yourself to

Thanks and have a mindful day!

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