MeditationWorks Happenings


Weekly words on how to bring mindfulness into your day to day life and what’s happening at MeditationWorks.

November Happenings

A few words on what we are grateful for here at MeditationWorks, a new meditation of the month, and a note on anxiety during the holiday season….

October Happenings

A great article on mindful leadership, a recap of our team pedal bar, and a special Halloween treat….

August Happenings

The results of our Pause for Paws initiative as well as a story about how meditaton saved the lives of a soccer team trapped in a cave….

HR/Wellness Coordinators, YOU NEED to Read This

Workplace wellness is seeing a huge shift and if you don’t adjust, you may fail in your wellness initiatives.The wellness of every individual at your company is in your hands. The foundation of your department is rooted in doing good…

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