Two months later we are still going strong, providing meditation sessions, free of charge, to the brave men and women of the 3rd Precinct. We probably don’t have to tell you they have one of the most stressful jobs you can imagine and are in serious need of healthy stress reduction. It’s a real inspiration to see these officers resting and relaxing in their bulky bulletproof vests, with their giant police-issue boots propped on our footrests. We get there at shift change, so arriving officers can benefit from better decision-making and calmer responses that meditation promotes.  The officers on their way home can let go of work stress easier and commute more mindfully, arriving home to family in a better frame of mind. Since many of them suffer from hypertension among other health problems, they all benefit from the immediate drop in blood pressure and heart rate that comes with just one meditation session in our mobile unit. We are also sometimes lucky enough to have special operations officers make it in, dressed in full tactical gear, breathing and focusing calmly for likely the only few minutes in the day they will get.

MeditationWorks believes that a mindful police force is a safer, healthier police force.  Check out these compelling pics of police officers meditating in the MeditationWorks mobile unit.